Drew Pontikis
Practice Manager – Testing and Quality

After nearly 10 years working in software testing, I’m now work closely with the Testing Community of Practice at DisplayLink. I’m passionate about building communities both in and out of work, and I’m an organiser of Ministry of Testing meetups in both Peterborough and Cambridge. I’m also an active STEM Ambassador, proud parent of three boys, and in my spare time I’m hopelessly addicted to Minecraft.


On The Shoulders of Giants – How to Find, Build and Lead Effective Communities of Practice

Inside every department of every company, there is a Community of Practice just sitting there; waiting to find itself. They may exist for you already – you might call them Guilds, Gatherings or Roundups – anywhere that a group of people with shared ideas and interests can come together and grow together has the potential to become a successful Community of Practice. I would like to share with you my experiences of trying, failing, and trying again to help build successful communities, the difference they can make to your test team, and discuss the importance of balancing passion and leadership to ensure others get the chance to grow.

Key Learnings:

  • Why Communities of Practice can work anywhere
  • Why the last time it failed wasn’t necessarily a failure
  • How you can help the members of your community build a Growth Network for themselves