Dileep Marway
Head of QA
The Economist

I am an ambitious multi-skilled QA Expert with over 10 years experience. Currently, I am working with ‘The Economist’ and we are building a QA Centre of Excellence in Birmingham. Building a ‘happy’ thriving team is key to achieving this goal and the centre’s strength is actually the people in the team.

Being passionate about all things QA is deeply ingrained, and my career path has led me to understand all aspects of delivering software to ensure that the end product exceeds customer requirements and does not fail on erroneous edge cases.


Setting up a QA Centre of Excellence

Having worked in QA arena for over 10 years, I have worked in a multitude of roles which have allowed me to see how quality can be improved, not only within a defined testing phase, but also throughout a project, from initiation to support in live.

My presentation will cover how I have set-up a QA community of practice from scratch for ‘The Economist’, key aspects of setting up a community of practice (CoP), detailing how I worked with existing outsourced partners, setting up a practice creed, streamlining our manual testing approach and putting an automation framework in place adhering to working in a more agile way, fit for a DevOps environment.

Key takeaways

  • How to set up your own community of practice (CoP).
  • Creating a practice creed and why it is useful.
  • Working with partners who are not co-located.
  • Creating a more efficient and effective automation framework.
  • Building a QA centre of excellence and skills required for QA resources.
  • Tips for QA resources in the current market.