Andy Burgin
Platform Engineer
Sky Betting and Gaming

Andy is a Platform Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming. He considers himself a Kubernetes and Hadoop fettler, spending a far too much of his spare time making Raspberry Pis do things they shouldn’t. He was a small part of the organising team for DevOpsDays London 2018 and has been running the Devops meetup in Leeds for 6 years hosting over 40 events. He’s attended and spoke at a bunch of DevOps conferences and in his words is ‘an all round DevOps nuisance’.


DevOps Transformation – A Case of History Repeating

At Sky Betting and Gaming we’ve been on a Devops journey since 2011. We’ve undertaken numerous “Devops Transformations” and learned that this is an ongoing program rather than a “Big Bang” initiative. As the company has restructured in to agile autonomous tribes and squads, we’ve identified and reused a number of patterns and techniques as we’ve evolved our ways of working. This talk aims to share those learnings. This talk focuses on the practical rather than strategic. It looks at how team structures have changed, the way work is managed, how we learn, how we own products/services and how we safely increase velocity. In addition to looking holistically at the whole company, we’ll focus on one case study of how the Container Platform Squad has evolved from a small greenfield POC to be the platform of choice for many projects/products across the tribes. Covering how patterns have been applied from the rest of the business and how they solved many of the challenges faced during the squads’ evolution.