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Eliminate inefficiency with test automation

Thousands of users in all industries have eliminated inefficiency in testing by using the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, a fully featured productivity tool that lets you build automation flows in minutes.

Reduce testing workload

With the LEAPWORK building blocks, you will be designing test cases in no time. Fully automate repetitive functional testing and save precious time during sprints for pushing quality assurance to new heights.

Execute tests faster

Increase test coverage without additional workload by running entire test suites with the click of a button. Schedule the tests to run in as many environments as needed.

Test continuously across the release cycle

Run regression tests at every stage of the release pipeline to support truly agile software development. Provide developers with instant feedback and reports on performance of tests.

The shortest learning curve on the market

Users can build and execute automation cases from day one with the flowchart-based designer. Automation cases are built as flowcharts on a design canvas by putting together powerful building blocks. The blocks include all the logic needed for automating technologies.

Never type a single line of code

The LEAPWORK Automation Platform lets both technical and non-technical specialists design automation flows, without ever typing or reading a single line of code – and then execute cases with the click of a button.

Automate across functions and systems

With the LEAPWORK Automation Platform, subject matter experts can rid their work of tedious tasks and collaborate on automation regardless of the technologies under test.

Collaborate on one platform

Design, execute, schedule, and monitor automation in one place. Work on automation cases in teams, share project assets, and set up feedback loops across departments. The LEAPWORK Automation Platform is a tool for specialists, generalists, and management alike.


By eliminating barriers to automating repetitive work, LEAPWORK empowers business specialists at all levels to maximize performance.