Presentations 2018

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All presentations are in .pdf format.

This package includes 19 presentations from the National Software Testing Conference 2018.

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This package includes the following presentations:

  • Adrian Brown – Introducing Selenium to a large Enterprise
  • Alan Richardson – How To Survive Agile and DevOps – A Test Management Guide
  • Andrew Crouch – Test Data Management – is it still a concern for your business?
  • Andrew Fullen – Who’s a happy little camper then?
  • Antony Edwards – Drive the Future of Testing with Intelligent Automation
  • Chekib Ayed – The testing is dead, long live the testing!
  • Claus Topholt – Put on a Powersuit and Level Up Your Automation Skills
  • Felicity Lord – Test Happy – Applying positivity to the Testing Process
  • Natalie Wood – Common Hiring Mistakes: Misconceptions & The Quality Engineering Approach at Elsevier
  • Nicky Watson and Suresh Chandrasekaran – The Dying Art of Testing
  • Nicola Sedgwick – Driving quality through servant leadership and critical thinking
  • Niranjalee Rajaratne – Transforming your manual testing team to do automation. A strategic move!
  • Pavel Kulagin – Scaling Mobile Automation
  • Richard Hunter – The Testing Triangle
  • Rouven Schreck – Digital transformation, re-inventing QA?
  • Steve Watson – Don’t just talk about automation, talk about testing
  • Thomas Noe – Quid manual testing to achieve continuous testing?
  • Wayne Tofteroo – Test Manager 2.0 The evolution of the Test Manager
  • Wojciech Bulaty – How software testers can add value in a microservices world
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