Presenting the National Software Testing Conference 2021 Speakers

National Software Testing Conference, October, London, 2021

The National Software Testing Conference is ready to welcome you on October 12-13th, 2021 in London.

To prepare for this festive event, we wanted to introduce some of this year’s incredible speakers. They are all leaders, managers, and experienced professionals who will be presenting fascinating and trending Software Testing topics.


Ian Goddard

Ian Goddard, QA Lead at Napster Group, will give ‘An Introduction to Testing Video Playback at Scale’.

Ian began his career over 10 years ago when he accidentally stumbled into broadcast television testing. He started running conformance testing for CI+, Freeview, and HbbTV regimes across the globe. He developed his skills by driving an audio testing regime for the company by integrating Dolby testing for STB and iDTV conformance as well as laying the groundwork for ATSC and HbbTV integration. Recently he led the video playback QA team for DAZN, a leading sports streaming company, in their rapid global expansion and platform rebuild.

His presentation will explore playback, a complex animal that is often overlooked or reduced in QA to simple cursory visibility checks, and cover an overview of the architecture of live and on-demand OTT (over the top) video streaming as well as the testing challenges that come from this. He will also share some tips on how best to approach the planning of the testing effort to maximise the efficacy of your playback testing.

By attending his talk, you will leave with a knowledge of some of the moving parts that make up OTT video streaming and some of the approaches that can be utilised whilst testing playback.

Sudeep Chatterjee

Another riveting speaker at this year’s conference will be Sudeep Chatterjee, Head of Testing, Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance at the London Stock Exchange Group, who will be talking about ‘Test Strategy for the AI/ML Transformation’

Sudeep is a senior leader with top-tier investment banking and financial services experience leading large testing organisations globally for enterprise-wide change programmes & digital transformations. Currently Head of QA and Testing for London Stock Exchange, he is focused on building high-performing multi-disciplinary teams & delivering testing for complex technology-driven business and technology transformations & regulatory programmes.

Sudeep is an evangelist who loves solving organizational challenges with thought leadership & strategies and applies Agile and DevOps techniques for testing whilst implementing an ‘automation first’ approach.

His presentation will tackle how organizational test strategies will adapt once companies start to adopt AI and ML as part of the next phase of digital transformation. In this talk, he will provide a high-level view of the key challenges and obstacles in testing AI/ML-based applications, how to approach testing AI/ML applications as well as some of the testing techniques for AI/ML products.


Alexander Pushkarev

Alexander Pushkarev, Senior Software Engineer at Aire, will address ‘The future of Testing in the world Agile, DevOps and Test Automation’  in his presentation.

With more than 10 years in IT, Alexander worked in different areas, such as development, testing, and management, and is familiar with PHP, Java, Python, and .Net platform with different applications from microservices to monolithic and monstrous desktop UI applications. He loves focusing on things that help to deliver high-quality software, starting from inception to operation.

Currently, Alexander is holding the position of Senior Software Engineer working on DevOps solutions and considers himself a full-stack engineer. He is passionate about quality and efficiency.

In his presentation, Alexander will focus on the future of testing in an ever-changing world that has already shifted towards test automation and DevOps approaches. He will study those phenomena and the changes in the organizational and business environments.


If you are a professional who recognizes the crucial importance of software testing within the software development lifecycle, you don’t want to miss it!

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