Porsche to offer free software upgrade to its early Taycan EVs

I was recently found out that Porsche is offering a free software upgrade for its early Taycan EVs in order to improve its performance and efficiency and match the level of current cars.

Indeed, it was noted that this upgrade included changes to the adaptive suspension as well as to the charging system, its Communication Management tech, and online features.

Besides, the company also added a new Smartlift function to models with adaptive air suspension, which can be programmed so that the car can be automatically raised when it reaches certain spots on a journey. Similarly, when you’re charging your car on the road, the Charging Planner is now able to use your sat-nat destination so as to determine when the battery will be charged enough to reach the destination.

Other technology enhancements include a new Battery-Saving Charging mode and an improved chassis control system.

This software upgrade for Taycan EVs provides various optimization of control units, hence the owners will have to book a free appointment at the theory local dealer in order to benefit from it.


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