Oxbotica completed first deployment of fully autonomous electric vehicle in Europe

Oxbotica has announced that it has recently completed the first safe and sustainable deployment of a zero-occupancy and fully autonomous electric vehicle in Europe.

Indeed, the all-electric autonomous vehicle (AV) has gone on a trial journey in Oxford without a driver on board, allowing the advancement of commercializing AV tech. The company is hoping to open soon the first public on-road AV business deployment that will be delivering groceries from 2023 through a collaboration with Ocado.

The two have worked together since April 2021 and Ocado has already invested £10m in the autonomous vehicle company so as to reduce the cost of grocery delivery and logistics operations as well as enhance sustainability. In order to do so, they will be using artificial intelligence-based products Selenium that can bring full autonomy to a vehicle, and Caesium, to enable detailed control, audit, data management, and monitoring of autonomous fleets.

Besides, they are also using a combination of radar vision and laser-based sensors, giving the vehicle an understanding of its surroundings, with AI continuously checking and explaining decisions. This will enable the safe deployment of zero-occupancy autonomous vehicles and innovative insurance solutions for the future of transportation.


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