One-third of UK businesses fear implementing new technology

A new study by Rackspace Technology revealed that almost one-third of UK businesses are very resistant to adopting new technology due to a lack of understanding amongst business stakeholders.

Indeed, 27% of IT leaders reported that their organization is not receptive to new ways of using technology to improve CX and that they fear negatively impacting CX by implementing new technology. This could be explained by the fact that 35% of UK IT leaders don’t believe their non-tech C-suite executives fully understand the full benefits of applications.

Despite these challenges, 57% of respondents declared that it would take months or years to reach a consensus before these changes are implemented. 

However, the study showed that many UK leaders still believe it’s worth the investment. 53% stated that applications have a high impact on improving CX, and 43% said they would invest in purchasing or replacing an app for this reason. One of the main reasons for this is that, due to a delay in modernizing applications, three in five UK businesses failed to meet new regulations, one quarter reported reduced levels of customer service, and another quarter experienced a cost to the ultimate bottom-line due.

Besides, it was found out that business revenue and employee turnover will also be impacted if they keep on delaying modernizing legacy applications in the next two to three years.

The study showed that 87% of UK IT leaders declared that the appreciation of the value of applications to their business or industry had grown in the past five years. Therefore, to overcome the challenges, many UK businesses are hiring external partners to help them modernize the cloud and microservices.

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