Nokia to launch new management software for 5G IoT devices

Nokia has recently announced the launch of new management software that aims to help operators get familiar with 5G IoT devices.

Indeed, the software, called iSIM Secure Connect, is built on embedded SIM (eSIM) and integrated (iSIM) technology that enables telecommunication companies to better authenticate and manage cellular IoT devices in a fast and secure way. It can also be deployed in various network and cloud environments, making it available for many IoT use cases and business models.
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This new software will help customers streamline the process of managing various device subscriptions as well as use innovative services quickly and safely.

Moreover, Nokia stated that it would be overhauling the IP and optical network infrastructure of Red Eléctrica de España (REE). Thus, the company will supply an IP/MPLS network and a DWDM optical transport network that will offer substation communications and low-latency connections to help REE manage the grid.

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