New UK law to reinforce networks security

On Tuesday, a new security law was revealed, which urges telecoms companies to upgrade their security system or they would be faced with a significant fine. The Telecommunications Security Bill aims to ban the Chinese firm Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G mobile network as well as to pressure organizations to meet the security requirements.


This new law includes new measures concerning security expectations and firms who do not meet the requirements or tighten their security will have to pay heavy fines, which could go up to £100,000 a day for ‘continuing contravention’. UK’s communication regulator, Ofcom, will be in charge of policing the rules and will penalize accordingly.


The bill would then give the government national security powers and allow it to control big telecoms companies on the way they use vendors considered ‘high-risk’ such as Huawei. These measures were taken after the company’s threat to security. It was first ruled to only remove Huawei equipment from the sensitive part of the core network. But after pressure from the United States, it was finally decided to remove it completely from the entire 5G network by 2027.


Yet, Huawei is protesting vividly against the ban, showing the negative impact removing them from the network would have on the UK’s 5G economic landscape and ambitions. With President Trump’s defeat, the company is hoping that the UK will revisit its decision.


The government seems assured that this bill will allow the UK to have one of the toughest telecoms security systems and have the power to protect their networks. A new set of rules will also be included in order to protect customer data and tighten the security requirements of national networks.

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