New study reveals that automation could improve customer experience

A new study from Ricoh Europe revealed that almost half of employees believe that automation could improve customer experience and drive the productivity of their organization.

Indeed, the report found out that 22% of respondents think that their company lost revenue during the pandemic due to poor customer experience, despite longer work hours.
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31% declared that they don’t have enough time to focus on tasks that deliver the most value and thus, work on delivering a great experience to their customers and be productive.

Hence, the study highlighted that automation would be the way to deliver more value to customers, especially if they were supported by tools that automate administrative tasks.

Besides, 58% of respondents believe their company could boost productivity and profitability with new technologies that improve customer engagement.

It was reported that technology has a critical role to play in helping companies delivering the best products and experiences possible and that automation seems to be the way to go.
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