New study reveals remote workers mistrust of monitoring software

A new survey by YouGov revealed that most remote workers would refuse to work for a company that is using software to track and monitor their work.

Indeed, around 59% declared to be against it, with only 1/3 stating that they would accept it if the company was doing it by following regulations. Hence, it seems clear that employees in all industries do not approve of the use of monitoring software in their homes, even if the company they work for comply with the regulations.

Moreover, the study also found out that many workers believed to be monitored by this kind of software without their permission, showing their deep mistrust of their employers. The IT and finance sectors are the most suspicious of their bosses, as well as workers in the north of England and men over 55 years old.

Yet, the survey noted that manual forms of monitoring, like having a manager check-in at the start and the end of the day, were acceptable and 51% stated that it would also be okay for a manager to evaluate the quality and the amount of work they were producing.

Therefore, the study showed that personal and human approaches to monitoring were accepted but there is a general mistrust about surveillance and monitoring software.


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