New national robotic research centre in Loughborough to focus on automated industrial manufacturing

A new national robotics research centre in Loughborough will work on improving collaborative technology so as to benefit fully from automated industrial manufacturing.

Indeed, the research centre ‘Made Smarter Innovation Research Centre for Smart, Collaborative Industrial Robotics’, which is led by Loughborough University, is set to receive a share of £25m in order to enhance smart manufacturing and smart collaborative robotics technology. By doing so, it hopes to unlock the full potential of the UK industry in productivity, quality, and adaptability.

In order to do so, the centre will then bring together a team of experts from universities across the UK as well as work with a number of key organisations, specialising in manufacturing, engineering, digital technology, robotics, etc. It will create a multi-disciplinary, cross-sectorial hub focused on smart, collaborative industrial robotics, and will be delivering the next generation of automated factories.

Hence, it was reported that bringing the automation community together is essential to address the challenges faced by the UK industry and improve the skills of their workforce through automation and digital technology.

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