New Facebook feature to pay UK publishers for content

From January, Facebook will introduce a new feature, called Facebook News, which will be a dedicated section for news on the app.


This feature has already launched in the United States and the UK is following suit. In order to do that, Facebook will start paying UK news publishers for articles so to bring more content on its platform.


This comes after Facebook has been accused of stealing content from news publishers over the years. Yet, hundreds of UK news publishers have signed the deal already, such as Hearst, the Guardian Media Group, and JPI Media.


The news feature will only be available on the mobile app.


The launch of the feature in the US has revealed that 95% of the traffic that came through that tab are new readers who have not interacted with those news publishers in the past. It could be a great opportunity for news outlets wanting to increase their audience on Facebook.


Facebook has tried to bring publishers on its app in the past, but never successfully. Indeed, Facebook always encouraged news publishers to produce content for its platform and has even tried to drive publishers to use its articles feature.


However, Facebook insisted it doesn’t want to make any editorial decisions. It will only outsource fact-checking to organizations and outsource curation of this news service to an organization called Upday, in order to find relevant news.


This will be the first time that Facebook pay news publishers for their content.

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