New AI tool to detect signs of a heart attack before it occurs

A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can detect signs of a heart attack years before it happens was recently developed by Caristo Diagnostics and funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Indeed, the CaRi-Heart tool uses AI technology to scan arteries and measure inflammation of blood vessels in and around the heart in order to predict possible heart diseases. Hence, people who were diagnosed as high risk can be given the proper medication and be monitored by a doctor to prevent future problems.

The research that led to the tool was first carried out by BHF researchers at the University of Oxford and worked with 4000 original patients who were followed up for nine years.
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The AI tool received a CE accreditation last March and should be ready to be used by hospitals and doctors all over the UK and Europe.

The researchers are now focusing on how to better predicts the signs of a stroke and diabetes by analysing routine CT scans. They are also working on an AI tool that could identify Covid-19 patients who are at high risk of having a future heart attack or stroke.

The BHF declared that developing this new AI tool can lay the foundations for a truly transformational advance in the diagnosis and prevention of heart and circulatory diseases.
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