New AI system used to detect mesothelioma cancer

Researchers in Scotland have recently developed a prototype artificial intelligence (AI) system that should be able to recognize asbestos cancer tumours.

Indeed, it was found out that Scotland was the most impacted by mesothelioma due to its traditional heavy industry. Mesothelioma forms like a ring around the lung and takes a complex shape, making it difficult to measure. The treatments for this rare type of cancer are limited, thus, there is hope that the AI system could accelerate the clinical trials of new treatments.

Canon Medical Research Europe, alongside the University of Glasgow, has been studying the new AI cancer assessment tool in order to detect and measure tumours without needing human input. The speed and accuracy of the AI system could definitely make important impacts on mesothelioma treatment.

By automating the tumour volume measurements, new treatments might be found sooner and quicker. This would then not only represent an incredible healthcare innovation but also have the potential to revolutionise mesothelioma cancer care with more targeted treatments and help cancer research in the future.

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