New AI platform announced to bring tech and business closer 

A tech firm that prides itself on its work with conversational AI innovations has this week announced a new platform that it feels will expand its open, cloud-agnostic framework and add broaden back-end integration capabilities.

Nuance Communications, Inc. has publicised the Nuance Intelligent Engagement Platform, which the company believes will allow organisations around the world to build conversational AI technologies whilst bringing the relationship between tech and businesses closer.

Why Conversational AI

According to the cloud-based company, Forrester, brands that adopt Conversational AI are more able to use natural language processing and machine learning-based tools in their firms, which helps with supporting both their customers and agents.

Because the conversational interface’s popularity is increasing, but still has plenty of space to improve on, establishments require solutions that are flexible, able to mix with new and existing data streams and are easily sustained for the ongoing improvement of customer-facing applications.

Pioneers in the industry

Nuance’s Intelligent Engagement Platform expands on its current open architecture to lever existing infrastructures and legacy investments. This not only allows large organisations to better customise deployments to fit their needs, but the expansion lets smaller firms have more accessibility to previously tested tech.

“As pioneers of this industry and experts who have spent decades in the trenches making Conversational AI real for organisations around the globe, we know what it takes for enterprise-grade success,” said Robert Weideman, GM and EVP, Nuance Enterprise Division.

“As the space continues to grow more complex, the future lies in solutions that are flexible and scalable. The best customer interactions will come from platforms that do not sit in a silo but rather build on the rich data an organisation has across the business and from that deliver an experience that’s personalised and frictionless. By expanding the openness of our platform, we can continue to meet our customers where they are, giving them the visibility and control they want while still providing access to professional services.” Weideman continued.

What’s on offer

The new platform offers access to conversational building blocks via micro services and APIs. This includes Conversational AI services for speech to text, natural language understanding, text to speech, and dialog management as well as messaging services for automated and human-assisted customer engagement across channels.

Security and biometric services are also part of the new platform along with with agent AI services too.


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