New AI-based system to predict when it’s going to rain

A new AI-based system is able to predict when it is going to rain.

The software was designed by DeepMind scientists and the University of Exeter, in partnership with the Met Office. The current traditional methods involve complex equations and can only be forecast for between six hours and two weeks’ time. With this new system, it would only take two hours to know whether it is going to rain or not.

Moreover, the AI software will be able to make more accurate short-term predictions, including for critical storms and floods. With climate change, it is getting harder to anticipate changes in weather conditions, especially as the frequency and severity of heavy rain increase. This could then help keep people safer during critical weather conditions.

The system can identify common patterns of rainfall by using UK radar maps from 216 and 2018. It was tested on maps from 2019 and was found to be 89% accurate. The AI software will enable forecasters to spend less time going through data predictions and focus on better understanding the implications of their forecasts.


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