More women are applying to tech jobs in the UK but diversity remains low

It was recently reported that the number of women applying to IT courses has increased by 82% and of 10% for computer science roles over the last decade in the UK.

Indeed, the tech industry has witnessed a growing interest from women while the number of male applicants has only risen by 2% since 2019. The report from UCAS and Cheeky Munkey showed that the IT industry became the third-fastest growing sector for job growth in the UK between July and September 2021, with 71% of women finding a job in tech during this period.

As the UK is seeing an overall growing surge in applicants studying to enter the tech industry, there is a significant rise in women taking data and artificial intelligence courses as well as software engineering courses. Yet, these numbers remain quite low, with women only representing 21% and 14% in these respective courses.

Hence, there is still a lot to do to encourage women into tech careers, especially as 2021 only had 17% of applicants being women. The UK could benefit greatly from having different perspectives and experiences within its workforce.


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