More girls than boys affected by cyber bullying

Recent information on cyber bullying from Northern Ireland says that girls are more likely to be bullied online than boys.

The report, which was taken out by Blurred Lives and received EU funding, looked into how children aged between 14 and 16 experienced online bullying.

In the study, 1 in 5 children stated that they had received some form of abuse online. Along with this statistic, 27% of girls say they have experienced cyber-bullying, compared to 17% of boys.

However, the data also suggests that boys are three times more likely not to admit to being cyber bullied.

Bullying and the internet

According to, “Cyber bullying involves using technology, like cell phones and the Internet, to bully or harass another person.”

The type of bullying experienced by participants in the study involved anything from having “mean things” said to them to fake social media profiles being created in their name.

The study reported that only 11% of participants had admitted to bullying others online.

The use of online sites was also looked at amongst participants, with Facebook and Snapchat being the most popular. Half said they used Instagram and YouTube.

Advice to adults

The advice that gives to parents or carers who feel their child could be being bullied is:

“Encourage teens to tell an adult if cyber bullying is occurring. Tell them if they are the victims they will not be punished, and reassure them that being bullied is not their fault.”

525 teenagers took part in the study.

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