MIS software to improve time and data management in schools

A recent survey by Education Executive found out that a better use of MIS (Management Information System) software could help improve many of the problems faced by schools.

Indeed, 21% of school leaders and business managers reported that lack of time for other staff members to complete tasks had an impact on their ability to do their jobs as their use of data is limited. It was also noted that 43% of respondents see the increasing workload and demands of data protection and GDPR as major issues.

The study then showed that having data analysis automation would particularly help school leaders and business managers. Besides, it would also be beneficial for schools to use centralized reporting, which would bring together applications for data management and reporting.

Moreover, it was found out that, while school business managers and leaders feel limited by the software, most school leaders and business managers are willing to evolve to new technological solutions. Hence, this revealed that MIS software providers aim to be ambitious in developing products.

Besides, it was reported that most schools have the technological infrastructure to deal with future advancements in MIS software. Indeed, 75% of respondents reported having cloud-based IT in place, 84% had invested in high-speed internet and wi-fi, while 92% of schools already have a management information system.

However, some gaps in school technological capabilities were noted as 44% declared not having apps for teachers to capture work and assessment, and only 26% having an online payments platform, and 39% the capacity for parents to view student data. Thus, it is vital that future MIS software answers these issues so as to integrate all data into one repository.

MIS developers must then overcome the problems of compatibility with existing systems and find a way to develop a product that offers value for money and a more comprehensive support package, including software integration.

Therefore, the study showcased that the MIS software should allow school business managers and leaders as well as other staff members to use data to its full potential, to have the flexibility to upload and manage data where and when they do administrative work.

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