Mindtree partners with IIT Madras to develop next-generation digital tech

Global technology service Mindtree has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras to set up a dedicated faculty fellow position in data science and artificial intelligence.

This endowment empowers the renowned academic institution, which has been at the forefront of developing the next-generation digital technology and talent, with industry-specific knowledge and resources to help create solutions to accelerate the growth and adoption of data science and AI around the world.

Organisations across industries are continually striving to keep pace with the rapid technological transformation driven by AI, data analytics, and machine learning. Through this endowment, Mindtree will help accelerate the development of technology innovation in these fields.

Key priorities

IIT Madras has formalised a process to identify the faculty member who will be named to the Mindtree Faculty Fellow Position.

“Artificial intelligence and data science are key priorities for our clients as these technologies offer immense potential to create new business opportunities,” comments Rostow Ravanan, CEO, Managing Director, Mindtree.

“IIT Madras is one of the global leaders in this field and the collaboration between Mindtree and IIT Madras will help accelerate innovation and push the boundaries of knowledge.”

Data science & machine learning

“Considering the speed with which technology is evolving, such partnerships are vital for the business ecosphere,” IIT Madras Director, Bhaskar Ramamurthi continues, stressing on the importance of such collaborations.

He further adds, “AI, data sciences, and machine learning are new territory for a majority of organisations, and a deep association with Mindtree will give our students and teachers valuable exposure to the industry’s needs.”

Mindtree will also further extend the partnership with IIT Madras to include research projects focusing on related topics such as personalisation, conversational interfaces and natural language generation.

Written from press release by Leah Alger

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