Mental health text helpline to stop its data-sharing with AI after criticisms

It was recently reported that a mental health text helpline would stop sharing its data with an AI customer support business after criticisms.

Indeed, the Crisis Test Line (CTL) used to share data with in order to develop AI systems with the aim to help people in need through chats. However, the relationship received various criticisms from concerned communities who feel like their trust has been betrayed.

The company then assured that the data-sharing relationship was ended on January 31st while asking all data to be deleted. It also said that any data shared was completely anonymous and had to personally-identifiable information.

Moreover, the helpline declared that it is fully transparent about data sharing with its users, with an automatic auto-reply sent to every customer. However, it was argued that people experiencing a mental health crisis couldn’t completely consent to data-sharing.

The helpline has then ended its data-sharing after listening to the community’s concerns. The use of data and artificial intelligence remains central to assist people in need as it helps the company identify them and get them help as fast as possible as well as de-escalate tens of thousands of texters in crisis.


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