Mavenir to extend AI network automation

It was recently reported that Mavenir has expanded its artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics portfolio in order to allow closed-loop automation as well as drive digital transformation.

Indeed, Mavenir’s AI and analytics portfolio aims to find solutions to analyze and derive inferences from large sets of unstructured data so as to automate networks, save costs and build out 5G use cases. It is very likely that the deployment of AI and machine learning (ML) in the mobile network infrastructure will become vital in the upcoming years, especially as edge, open radio access networks (Open RAN), and 5G cores get developed.

Moreover, as more and more industries will use intelligent video analytics and AR/VR that require AI-driven inferences at the edge, the company seeks to have AI-enabled applications for network automation, intelligent operations, edge AI, and network security within its solutions.

By doing so, operators should then be able to decrease the cost and time from traditional methods such as drive testing, and manual calibration. Hence, operators will also be able to achieve intelligent capacity planning and reduce the possibility of large-scale network outages as well as to detect anomalies more easily.

With this AI-driven solution, operators will have more control over their networks.

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