Mastercard and DIFC to launch a new cybersecurity program

Mastercard announced its new partnership with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in order to launch the Global Cyber Forward program.

The program will use both Mastercard’s and public sector organizations’ abilities in cybersecurity to create secure digital ecosystems at a national, local, and city-level. Hence, the partnership will aim to boost cyber readiness and resilience across the financial industry.

This will also help enable effective cybersecurity oversight through the Dubai Financial Service Authority Threat Intelligence Platform, which was launched back in January 2020.

Moreover, the partnership will be a great support to the National Cybersecurity Strategy and Dubai Cyber Security Strategy, especially as cybercrime has become one of the biggest threats to consumer trust. Therefore, having the latest cyber technologies will create more security and trust in the digital ecosystem.

Knowledge sharing and access to secure, innovative technology are the best defense that exists to fight cybercrime. This collaboration between leading organizations on cybersecurity is a key factor that will drive the future of finance and set a secure foundation for a strong cyber-resilient ecosystem.


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