Majority of Europeans to support replacing government with AI

A recent survey by researchers at the IE Center for the Governance of Change revealed that a majority of Europeans would replace members of their parliaments with AI systems.

Indeed, it was found that 51% of Europeans would prefer reducing the number of national parliamentarians and replace them with an AI algorithm. Young people seemed to be the most thrilled by this idea of adopting new technology.

Moreover, the study reported that this proposition was favored in Spain, with 66% of respondents supported it. In Italy, 59% of the respondents were in favor and 56% in Estonia.
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In the U.K., it was found out that a majority were against the idea,  as well as in the Netherlands and in Germany.

It was also stated that around 75% of people in China support this idea, while 60% of Americans were against it.
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Hence, this survey captures the general consensus around the possibility of having AI representatives. However, putting AI systems at the top of leadership could lead to dangerous outcomes for citizens, as most AI models are inherently biased and still rely on human training…

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