Lewis Hamilton’s charity aims to drive diversity within the tech industry

It was recently announced that a two-year pilot programme would be launched by Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton’s charity in order to train and recruit 150 black teachers into STEM subjects.

Indeed, the charity Mission 44 will aim to train teachers to work in schools that are located in poorer socio-economic areas in England. It will partner with Teach First so as to support young people’s development and attract Black talent to STEM teaching roles. By doing so, it is hoping to create a framework that can be implemented into the education industry.

The UK tech sector is lacking severely from a lack of diversity and thus, the programme aims to integrate more diversity within the education system and the technology industry. It will be working to find the best ways to train and recruit teachers and implement the best practices to ensure more diversity in STEM teaching in England as well as encourage young people of color to pursue a career in tech.

The programme will be tested over a period of two years through a combination of mentorship programmes, marketing campaigns, research, and networking events.


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