Leeds Society Building received help from robots for mortgage holidays

Leeds Building Society enlisted the help of fifteen robots in order to share the workload with human colleagues to face the difficulties of the pandemic.


The robots have completed over 100,000 tasks on more than 26,000 applications since the Government introduced mortgage payment holidays back in March 2020. Hence, the robots started to take over process transactions, update member accounts and send out confirmation letters and emails to help during this unprecedented time.


Indeed, Leeds Building Society pointed out how challenging the rapid roll-out of mortgage payment holidays had become for many lenders who had then to scale up quickly in order to meet a growing number of member requests.


To do this, the Building Society decided to collaborate with Blue Prism so it could give extra robots to support the Society.


Colleagues from the Society developed an automated online process to make it easier for members to request a payment holiday. The robots were able to take over repetitive and manual tasks to free time for the Society to focus on other responsibilities, develop their skills, and give more flexibility to the business. This process was able to go live only 10 days after the Government announcement in March.


This process also helped reduce the number of calls to the Society’s Contact Centre, giving more time to deal with more complex inquiries and reduce wait times for people who need to speak with a Society colleague.


Following this, the Society is looking at how it can further integrate automation into its business processes in order to improve service and efficiency for the members as well as colleagues to work more effectively and get greater job satisfaction.</p

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