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Kobiton​ is a powerful mobile device cloud that allows companies to manage the devices they own and access real public cloud devices for efficient, comprehensive test coverage. Simple to use, easy to access from anywhere, and highly flexible, Kobiton minimizes costs while increasing productivity, so businesses can get apps to market sooner.

The mobile device cloud platform offers centralized testing history and insights to improve collaboration across teams, access to the most in-demand mobile devices to supplement existing inventory, and significant cost savings.

Kobiton’s Intelligent Test Automation capability is the industry’s first platform that brings truly scriptless test automation to mobile devices, making automation testing accessible and scalable to teams of all sizes.

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Key Capabilities:

  • The latest real, cloud-based devices and configurations
  • Centralized testing history and data logs for increased collaboration
  • Internal Device Lab Management to more effectively utilizes internal devices
  • Support for Appium 1.6.4
  • Simplified user experience to streamline test sessions
  • ADB Debugging

Industry leaders trust Kobiton for their mobile app testing including:
Capgemini, Q2 Banking, Greensky, Frontier Airlines, Abercrombie & Fitch, AT&T, Uber

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