20 Leading Testing Providers 2019

Global App Testing

Focusing on autonomous testing augmented with humans, Global App Testing allows teams to test in over 105 countries with 25,000+ vetted professionals using real devices in real environments. This enables the company’s customers to deliver high-quality products with minimal testing effort.

Hundreds of leading brands rely on Global App Testing’s impact-first approach to quality, allowing Agile and DevOps teams to release faster and more often. Their Impact First Testing model combines the best of automation with intelligent crowdsourcing to deliver fast, accurate, actionable test results – effortlessly.

Global App Testing gained worldwide recognition for innovations in the testing industry – most notably inventing Testathon® and the best-selling book – Leading Quality: How Great Leaders Deliver High Quality Software & Accelerate Growth.

Global App Testing was also selected as one of the UK’s fastest-growing technology companies.

Testathons, hackathons for testers, have now been run in over 50 countries with leading tech teams from the likes of King, Spotify and Instagram.

Global App Testing provides Test Management, Test Execution (via the crowd) and Test Results and Analysis through a unique cloud-based SaaS platform.

Leverage Global App Testing’s test management tools to easily create high-quality tests and efficiently manage testing activities in one place.

Uncover high-impact bugs in real-world use cases by scaling test coverage and executing at speed. Increase release velocity with fast test case turnaround (30 minutes to 2.5 hours) and exploratory testing in just 24–48 hours.

Global App Testing offer 24/7, on-demand test resources for continuous testing, freeing up teams to focus on test strategy and analysis.

Using detailed bug reports to help teams share, re-create and resolve issues, Global App Testing provides all the data needed to make smarter decisions and focus on fixing the bugs that matter most.