Leading providers announced the creation of the Value Stream Management Consortium

This week, the leaders of the software development industry announced the formation of the Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC).

Founded by leading technology providers, the VSMC charter aims to help organizations around the world to enhance their performances and drive customer value through the adoption of value stream management (VSM).  

VSM’s goal is to improve customer experiences by providing them software products that create value for them. In order to do so, VSM goes through a comprehensive software lifecycle orchestration process that offers value stream managers, release managers, DevOps managers, product managers, and leadership with the data, visibility, and problem-solving tools necessary to continuously improve software development and delivery. 

The Chair of VSMC declared that it was becoming vital to create a community of experts that can explore further VSM practices, innovation, and adoption. Hence, by having this community, the use of VSM will hopefully increase all the while instilling best practices and standards and, ultimately, deliver the best value to industry practitioners.

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