LaneAxis blockchain project strengthened by US patent

LaneAxis, a long-established freight management company focused on blockchain solutions for the global supply chain, celebrates the approval of a critical US patent for its SaaS-based platform.

Approved in March 2018, it’s the world’s first blueprint for shipper and carrier direct interaction optimisation.

The patent is essential for LaneAxis developers, as they continue their mission to build a shipper-to-carrier direct model on the blockchain that cuts out expensive intermediaries – such as freight brokers – who take up to a 30% cut for their services.

Transformative technology

The patent also gives LaneAxis the right to distribute, lease, and sell its innovative, transformative technology. The company says violators of its patent will be aggressively pursued.

The LaneAxis Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will support the company’s efforts to standardize and secure all key processes in the complex and disorganised global logistics industry via the blockchain.

By leveraging the immutability of the LaneAxis ledger nested on the blockchain, all parties in the movement of goods will have full visibility of all transactions and milestones, and will also be held accountable for fulfilment of its services via self-executing smart contracts.

Optimising inventory management

This is a bold new approach for the global logistics community promises to cut fraud, digitise processes and optimise inventory management.

A key component of the LaneAxis’ project is building a global network of drivers and other key players in the freight logistics space, allowing all parties to deal directly with each other.

LaneAxis says this will be the first true “Global Logistics Community.” Crucial to building this community is the development of a social app feature for truck drivers known as the “Driver Social Network” (DSN).

The company says this platform will innovate the industry as participants take advantage of its benefits:

  • Direct access to freight
  • Social Feeds
  • Discounts
  • Products
  • Food
  • Information sharing
  • Connections
  • Reviews
  • Shipper and carrier ratings
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Downtime.

Blockchain ecosystem

Participants will utilise the AXIS token to take advantage of all these features. The AXIS token also serves as an API key, giving all vested parties direct access to the LaneAxis blockchain ecosystem.

The LaneAxis software platform includes an internet-based web page, an app built for handheld devices, and a device with a stylish and functional graphic user interface that can be deployed by users.

It ensures deliveries are on time and on a budget by assessing and calculating the costs of routes, insurance, tolls, mileage, and other figures before interacting with haulers.

LaneAxis is currently in the presale phase of its token sale, with significant bonuses being offered for early supporters. The sale has already eclipsed its US$2million softcap. The official public sale of AXIS tokens is set to begin 20 September 2018. For more information, and to buy AXIS tokens, visit

Written by Leah Alger

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