KPN CEO quits whilst bug disrupts services

Customers of Dutch telephone company, KPN, faced three hours of outage to services, including to the emergency 112 number.

The outage has led to the Dutch Government investigating the problem as emergency service lines were also down. The outage lasted between 4pm and 7pm on 24th June when customers could not make or receive calls.

Although the problem is still being investigated, researchers think that the outage may be linked to a problem on KPN’s quadruple routing platform.

The telephone company believes that there was a software problem among the routers and think that a fault occurred amongst all four router systems at the same time and very rapidly.

KPN have described the software fault as ‘exceptional’.  It is believed the problem was not dealt with quickly enough and investigators are still trying to find out exactly why this was.

The problem has led to a higher safeguarding of their emergency 112 number. A new platform for the emergency number is being looked into as well as a collaboration with other network providers so that traffic can be re-directed to them in an emergency.

Joost Farwerck, KPN board director, told public broadcaster NPO that the systems had been backed up in case of a malfunction, however, they had not worked.

An emergency service set up to reach people through their mobile phones was also not available during the time.

Both KPN and an outside party are investigating the software problem.

The company do not believe that it is linked to hackers and a spokeswoman for the company told Reuters: “We have no reason to think it was (a hack) and we monitor our systems 24/7″.

The CEO of the company, Maximo Ibarra, has also announced his departure from KPN, although, he says that this has nothing to down with the bug. He hopes to move back to Italy due to “pressing family reasons”.

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