Just a quarter of people trust AI with cybersecurity

An online study conducted by Dr. Jessica Barker, You Gov and Palo Alto Networks has exposed that just 26% of people in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) would trust their cybersecurity to be managed by AI, rather than humans.

In comparing countries, Italy puts the most trust in AI at 38%, whilst only 21% of people in the UK would feel comfortable of trusting AI with their data.

Those who trusted AI more had higher confidence levels in the way they perceived cybersecurity in general, the study suggested.

Internet of Things

The researchers also looked into the way that online users felt about IoT technologies such as smart devices and smart homes. However, these results were more split, with 38% of respondents saying they trusted these technologies and 43% saying they did not think them to be safe.

There was also a massive difference across countries as to the trustworthiness of these products. For example, 71% of those surveyed in UAE thought IoT tech to be secure, whilst only 46% in the UK believe this to be the case.

Humans vs AI

Commenting on the reliance of AI and ML, Ilia Kolochenko, founder and CEO of web security company ImmuniWeb, says:  “We are certainly not ready to cede cybersecurity control to AI…In cybersecurity, we have an increasing proliferation of various Machine Learning technologies (including deep learning) capable of tackling routine and time-consuming tasks in a rapid and reliable manner. However, once a decision-making process evolves or requires a business-focused decision, these systems will have much higher failure rate compared to people.

He continues: “Moreover, AI/ML technologies usually require continuous maintenance and ongoing training that likewise requires human expertise. Last but not least, industry does not have much experience yet in malicious techniques purported to confuse and misguide ML models to bypass enacted security controls, while the attackers are continuously developing them for fun and profit. Therefore, we are still far away from relinquishing cybersecurity control in favour of AI, and human intelligence will likely remain the most valuable asset on the market.”


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