IT teams need more collaboration to drive digital transformations

A survey led by Dynatrace revealed that many IT leaders have growing concerns about their ability to keep up with digital transformation within their business.


Indeed, it has come to light that traditional IT operating models with siloed teams and multiple monitoring and management solutions cannot keeping up with cloud-native architectures. Hence, IT teams waste time by manually combining data from disparate solutions to solve challenges rather than focusing on driving innovation.


Moreover, the survey showed that 89% of CIOs believe that digital transformation has already accelerated and 58% think it will continue to accelerate.


However, 93% of CIOs declared that their ability to maximize value for the business is slowed down by challenges, such as IT and business teams working in silos. Others say that they don’t want to keep having to piece together data from multiple tools to assess the impact of IT investments on the business. A limited collaboration also prevents the team to respond quickly to changes in business needs.


The report stated that 16% of an IT team’s time is usually spent in meetings to identify the causes of and solutions to problems. This thus costs organizations an average of $1.7 million annually due to lost productivity. 


Moreover, the survey revealed that 49% of CIOs have limited visibility and data into users’ perspectives on how digital services are performing and only 14% of organizations have a single platform that enables cross-team collaboration and a true understanding of IT’s business impact.


Yet, it is more and more vital to make data-driven business decisions and automate operations in order to deliver business value faster. IT teams need to be empowered with a single analytics and monitoring platform, which would be rooted in a common data model and could then deliver precise and real-time insights, drives shared goals, and improved business outcomes.

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