Israel blames Russia for airport GPS fail

A GPS signal failure at Ben Gurion airport is down to Russian infiltration, say officials at the Israeli airport.

An Army Radio report this morning (Thursday 27th June), said that the GPS at the airport has been down for three weeks and they believe the reason for his is Russian interference.

Part of the problem at the airport is that the GPS is reporting inaccurate data, resulting in pilots being told they are in a different location than they actually are.

Landing planes without GPS

The GPS – short for Global Positioning System – has been affected in the airspace above the airport, but not on the ground, so planes have still been managing to land safely and there have been no recorded accidents due to the system’s failure.

The alternative Instrument Landing System (which uses radio signals), has been used to control flights instead.

Why Russia?

The electronics being used have been linked to the ones handled by Russian forces, and that are used to protect their planes in Syria.

In response to the accusation, an anonymous Russian official told American news channel, CNN, that: “This is fake news. We cannot relate to it seriously and we do not want to contribute to the distribution of this fake news.”

The source of the problem is still under investigation.

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