Isle of Wight’s schools targeted by ransomware attack

Six schools on the Isle of Wight were recently hit by a ransomware attack, which disrupted the online systems for both teachers and pupils.

Indeed, the attack, which took place between 28 and 29 July, led to the Isle of Wight Education Federation’s data becoming encrypted and inaccessible. All of the schools’ websites are currently down since the 30th as the police and local council are trying to determine the full impact of the attack.

As it is not clear how the attack was carried out or even what kind of data has been affected, the breach is deemed rather dangerous. Indeed, the schools keep a record of teachers’ and students’ personal information and documents.

The Federation declared that they are taking every measure possible to secure the systems in the future and guarantee a safe academic year for both staff and teachers. Some of the affected schools – Carisbrooke College, Island 6th Form, Medina College, Barton Primary, Hunnyhill Primary, and Lanesend Primary – stated that they would delay the start of the new school year in September in order to make sure that systems are completely secured.


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