IoT connections to rise to 40% by 2030

A recent study from Strategy Analytics revealed that the expected growth in Internet of Things (IoT) connections was slowed down in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and that similar growth rates are expected in 2021.

Indeed, it was reported that 5G represented less than 1% of IoT connections in 2020. It is, however, expected to rise to 40% of the overall 3.5 billion cellular IoT connections by 2030. Yet, 5G connections won’t be predominant before 2026; 4G will remain the dominant technology as of now.

Besides, the report also stated that the adoption of 5G would happen in different stages. First, we will see the emergence of enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) followed by ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communication (uRLLC) and then massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC).

The adoption will happen depending on the availability of 5G chipsets, the speed, coverage of 5G network deployments, and the evolution of regulations. It is expected that even when 5G will be developed, 4G would still remain important IoT technology and provide coverage at a lower cost.

Hence, it is very likely that the adoption of 5G in IoT will happen gradually rather than immediately.


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