Intel discovers third major chip flaw this year

A security flaw has been found in Intel’s computer chips for the third time this year.

The chip nicknamed Foreshadow made significant changes to the power of cloud computing platforms and computers. This led to cloud giants Google, Amazon and Microsoft putting a fix in place on Tuesday.

Intel wrote in the company’s blog post: “Further investigation by Intel has identified two related applications of L1TF with the potential to impact additional microprocessors, operating systems, system management mode, and virtualisation software.

“If used for malicious purposes, this class of vulnerability has the potential to improperly infer data values from multiple types of computing devices.

“Intel is committed to product and customer security and to coordinated disclosure. We worked closely with other technology companies, operating system, and hypervisor software vendors, developing an industry-wide approach to mitigate these issues promptly and constructively.”

To mitigate the issue, Intel has released a patch which affects processors released from 2015 onwards.

Intel also advises visiting for facts about the exploits, technical resources, and further steps to take to help protect systems.

Written by Leah Alger

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