Xavier McGlynn
NFT Capability Lead
KPMG Testing Services

Xavier is a committed QA professional specialising in the delivery of non-functional testing services wholly focussed on supporting business outcomes, with more than 15 years’ experience and an excellent record of delivering business critical performance engineering engagements. As part of his role, he is responsible for the development and evolution of services that consistently deliver responsive, efficient and stable technology platforms for his customers. He achieves this through a deep and broad understanding of customers’ business drivers, combined with extensive technical skills.

The Customer is Always Right – Insight-Driven Performance Engineering

Performance Engineers apply a certain degree of experimentation in their test inspection during the early points in a change programme, but to deliver the clarity and confidence a business needs to determine a solution’s readiness, representative and meaningful scenarios must be accurately defined and comprehensively exercised. All too often, arbitrary definitions of how a system will be consumed are made without the supporting evidence.

We will explore how intelligence on real customer behaviour can be captured, that not only helps businesses to increase their ability to safely deliver change, but will also improve the quality of all testing practises. We will demonstrate our method of mapping customer intelligence and test coverage to create real-world performance scenarios, de-risking change and providing the level of insight that businesses greatly need.

Take away:

Using practical examples attendees will understand the range of metrics needed by Performance Testers, and that are made available through customer intelligence solutions. As well as explaining how the data collected can be used to shape performance scenarios, we will show how the data can also be used to challenge and enhance performance requirements