Taheerah Atchia
Head of Quality Advocacy

Taheerah Atchia is a QA advocate with a passion for improvement in Quality processes. She specialises in Agile Testing and in developing teams to realign their methods of working to a more collaborative and productive ethic. Having worked with a few household names that are specialists in their field (moneysupermarket.com, LateRooms.com), Taheerah has honed her capabilities in coaching, mentoring and team leading, as well as more strategic and technical demands associated with testing. Her mission is to develop teams to transform their thinking, approach and capability, resulting in a happier and more efficient workforce.


That’s Not My Job – I’m Not a Tester!

In an Agile and Continuous Delivery world, testing is touted as an activity that everyone in the team should do. The push towards this whole team approach to quality can result in an almost schizophrenic medley of responsibilities when it comes to embedding these practices with different roles. With your Devs rebelling, your BAs closing ranks and your Team Lead focusing on the burndown, how do you get to that harmonious Nirvana without killing productivity – or each other! – along the way?!

I’ll explain how tapping into each role’s inner child and capitalising on their skills can unleash the Tester within. With a dose of myth-busting and influencing strategies along the way, I’ll show you how you can change the mindset of even your staunchest resistors, and convert them to advocates of quality. Your team’s approach to testing will never be the same again.