Sally Drew
Cognitive Testing Assurance Lead
KPMG Testing Services

Sally is a test specialist with over 25 years in testing and QA. She has delivered large systems integrations programmes for companies across most functional domains, and across four continents.  Passionate about developing solutions which realise the benefits for business, for end-users, and for the quality of life of society, she has been instrumental both in developing test methodologies, and in developing the test specialisation into a main-stream career path.  She leads the Cognitive Testing Assurance Services practice at KPMG UK, navigating academic AI thinking into practical and operational methods for ‘testers like us’.

Testing Machines That Think – Risks and Methods for Us Mere Mortal Test Professionals

How is testing AI unique?  How do our existing methods and expertise apply to this new, potentially game-changing technology? This presentation will contrast the advance of AI against the previous revolutions in software development, and aims to give a practical and understandable insight to how our roles as software testing professionals need to adjust.  Based on research, and in consultation with academics and data-scientists, we will explore what is truly new and challenging, and what is scare-mongering and actually business-as-usual for testers.

Moving beyond the theory, we will demonstrate practical approaches to testing AI, some key questions to ask, and attempt to de-mystify this fashionable and slightly scary new-world!

Take away:

Referencing the hype, the anti-hype and the practical application of testing techniques for AI, attendees will feel better informed as to how to approach the topic with a realistic strategy for testing AI back at the office.