Rob Vanstone

VP Sales Engineering

Rob has a background in software delivery automation having worked at a number of organisations using DevOps and Agile principles to deliver measurable process improvements. At he leads the global team of technologists and engineers and guides them as they help organisations to accelerate business value from technology investments, increase operational efficiency and reduce security and compliance risks.

His experience across a broad range of customers gives an ability to recognise common challenges and present a range of solutions. He is a knowledgeable presenter and has spoken at many technical conferences where his passion for learning and sharing is recognised. Rob holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick.


Focus on quality and improve the metrics that matter

In today’s mobile world the true measure of success is adoption.  Your success is based on whether you can convince your users they’ve made the right choice.  Using case studies from our customers, we will explore the challenges faced bringing sustained quality into your value stream.

We will look at the benefits of data driven decision making and the metrics that matter to ensure your customers get the high quality, reliable applications they demand and literally “write home” about.

Learn how to

  •     Benefit from the way organisations are viewing the quality of their offerings
  •     Define and drive metrics and insights that align to business outcomes
  •     Maximise investments to ensure better flexibility, efficiency and coverage of testing
  •     Improve time to market without compromising quality by managing your Value Stream