Patrick Grob
Team Lead & Technical Lead QA Engineer

Patrick was born in Munich, studied in Rome and Berlin and finally settled down in Berlin where he has been living since. After his studies of environmental informatics and geo information systems he has been working in the software industry since 2005. His jobs brought him from the music industry over to an automotive company to finally land in the public transportation sector where he is happily working @Mobimeo as Engineering Lead for over a year now

Building mobility apps isn’t easy but testing can help!

How the presentation fits to the theme:

What better example than a mobility application to illustrate the usefulness of real-world testing? This presentation demonstrates how far the concept of in-the-wild testing can be taken, and how we leveraged the feedback we received from testing under real-life conditions. 

How a tester can apply the learnings of the talk to their following day at work:

  • Learn how to integrate in-the-wild testing with their existing testing practices and strategy
  • Learn about Mobimeo’s goals and success criteria and apply them to their own testing set up
  • Learn how to collect and leverage user feedback for transportation-related features

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • The necessity to test outside of lab conditions to make sure to cover all possible cases
  • The practical aspects of testing for apps with specific requirements, e.g. taking into account locations, demographics and modes of transport
  • The important role of in-the-wild testing in accelerating QA and testing processes