Marcel Kwakernaak
Test & Migration Lead
Royal Schiphol Group

QA professional with 20 years of experience in Testing, Quality Assurance, Release Management, Agile / DevOps Coaching. Specialized in helping organizations to build balanced teams and helping teams to develop products that matter. Focused on value and quality consistently and raising innovative capabilities while doing so. The right product in the right way. Hands-on inspirational lead. A true Value Driven and DevOps evangelist. Expert in helping companies with User Story Mapping (USM), Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Test Automation, Performance Testing, Containerization, CI/CD, Cloud-Native, Scaled Agile (SAFe) Frameworks en LEAN-principles. Motto: Start with end-user in mind, find most valuable MVP, increase experimenting, embrace fast failure and if it is difficult, practice more often.

Learn-by-doing DevOps

The best way to learn DevOps is to be part of a DevOps team which enables you to “acclimatize” to DevOps culture and to learn techniques on the job. The problem is that most of us get paid to deliver and not to practice, experiment, and learn.

ValueDevOps is a network of IT practitioners who share knowledge and organized virtual meetings during Lockdown restrictions. We asked ourselves a simple question: “What is the most valuable thing we are not doing?” Our answer: “Experiment with DevOps techniques.” We started building a shared VM environment that enabled us to play and learn without fear of messing up. We experienced that learn-by-doing DevOps is the most effective way to share knowledge & improve our skills.