Lewis Presscott
QA Automation Lead
Cancer Research

QA Automation Lead at Cancer Research UK. My moto: Automate everything apart from all the things that shouldn’t be automated. My expertise lies in testability of code, CI/CD and API testing. Tools that I’m excited about at the moment: Cypress, Pact, Axe, Github Actions.

I love to share my knowledge with others young and old, from test automation techniques with experienced developers to basic python with primary school children at code club. Outside of work, this year I will be running to Paris as part of a relay with 4 friends and Swimming 3km in the arctic circle.


Contract Testing – The route to Continuous Deployment

Contract Testing offers a tool which can help mitigate the risk of your releases in a micro-services infrastructure, equivalent to TDD but with API documentation. Pact is not just a framework but a tool to facilitate change within your organisation. Want to release with confidence? Want to find issues before integration environment? Want a better solution to end-to-end tests?