James Prescott
Principal Data Quality Engineer

James has been in the industry for a solid 12 years now, with a passion for finding those “what ifs” and helping people find that confidence in their software. Previously tested APIs, front-ends, event-driven architectures and currently data warehouses and ingestion platforms


Achieving Continuous Quality in Platform and Data Engineering

At the National Software Testing conference in October 2020, Stuart spoke about how the teams at Dunelm achieve Continuous Quality and how it enables them to deliver high quality value to customers at speed. This is made up of a number of key factors enabled by people, mindsets, culture and tooling, including having a Quality Narrative, Quality Engineering principles, Behavioural Values and Core Foundations. But how do/can these apply to teams in Platform and Data engineering?  In this talk Stuart will be joined by Dan Iosif (Principal Quality Platform Engineer) and James Prescott (Principal Quality Data Engineer) who will share their approach to achieving Continuous Quality in these more specialist areas of tech.