Fabian Basciani
VP, Technical Lead, Equity Trading Technology
J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Fabian is a senior technologist with more than nine years of experience in technology. He has worked as project manager, business analyst, application manager and software developer. In the past he has built applications such as online banking solutions, as well as research and trading systems for banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and United Kingdom. Fabian is a hands-on technologist who enjoys working in a DevOps environment following Agile principles. He cares about clean code and continuous delivery of quality software.


Quality Assurance in the Age of DevOps

To achieve continuous delivery pipelines in a DevOps environment you need automated testing for quality assurance of your software. Nonetheless, this is easier said than done. Especially, if you go beyond the usual unit testing and want to test the actual behaviour of your application. I will present to the audience why automating your existing manual testing is a bad idea and why so many of us are struggling to achieve a satisfactory automated testing suite.

Then I will present a testing strategy and software design principles based on Event Sourcing leveraging Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Domain Driven Design (DDD) concepts which will allow engineers to achieve true automated behaviour testing of their applications. Ultimately, these principles and concepts will boost their DevOps transformation to the next level.

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