Dr Ali Yildirim
EHR Software Test Manager
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

I have a mixed background in healthcare,Software Development and academia.Interest in data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in healthcare domains and testing of AI-based healthcare domains. I have also got clinical backgrounds as a speech and language therapist, Transcranial magnetic stimulation practitioner(TMS)and Quantitative Electroencephalography(QEEG)practitioner. I am also doing research with University of Oxford and Maastricht university on neuro stimulation with TDCS,rTMS and QEEG in Autism, ADHD and other neurological conditions


Title: Software Testing Challenges on AI-based Healthcare Domains?

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare are accelerating rapidly, with potential applications being demonstrated across various domains of medicine and healthcare. However, there are currently limited software testing tools and strategies to test AI-based healthcare products. This Talk will explore the main challenges and limitations of  Software testing of AI-based healthcare domains and considers the steps required to improve current testing strategies, potentially transforming technologies from research to clinical practice.